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Masters of Motion.

Guardians of Speed.

Speed Patrol is home to the quickest "Russian Arm" Car in the world. Our team is comprised of people that eat, sleep, and bleed automotive cinema. We are immersed into automotive culture whether we are on, or off the clock. Car commercials, narrative, racing, we've filmed it all. Let us come elevate your production to the next level. 

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Photo by: Larry Chen

We can help

or handle it.

Speed Patrol offers a package for every production!


Camera Car with Communications


Motocrane Ultra Package

Ronin 2


Arm Operator

Throw your Camera Operator and Focus Puller on the controls while we tech everything for you!


Includes everything in the Fast package plus our provided Camera Operator and Focus Puller. Direct us to capture the shots you've always dreamed of!


This package includes all of the above as well as having us Direct, Produce, and even complete Post Production of your project. The sky is the limit!

Friends we've made 

Speed Patrol's services are 100% mobile. Our Motocrane Ultra system will fly anywhere in the world and mount to f*cking anything. No more getting stuck with the random local pursuit crew. Bring out the experts you TRUST.


Our Motocrane Ultra allows us to stay "On Brand" for manufacturer shoots. Filming a Ford Commercial? Lets put Ultra on an Expedition! We can pack it all down into cases for easy transport. We hop on a plane with it and show up to your shoot ready to rig it on a vehicle of your choosing. It's as easy as that! The versatility of our crew and systems is unmatched. We are ready to go anywhere in the world that you need us!




Things we've made with our friends





  • 2003 Lancer Evolution

  • 400 Horse Power

  • 100mph+ Capable

  • Rugged Radios Communications

  • Customizable Suspension

  • Motocrane Ultra 

For those times you need to go FAST, we have the QUICKEST arm car in the world. Don't let others fool you. Nothing compares to the Speed Patrol Evo. The combination of its power, all wheel drive, and light weight make it the most capable camera car in the world. 

Most conventional camera cars have a hard time cornering to keep up with hero cars. The Speed Patrol Evo pulls more G's around a corner than any camera car in the world. We want to give you the best shot at keeping up with your faster clients! 

Remember, When you hire Speed Patrol, you aren't just hiring cinematographers. You're hiring a team that consumes automotive culture non-stop! When you combine this with our love for cinema you get high functioning team that knows how to get the shots and keep everyone SAFE!

We are the guys you call when you need to push the limits!